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take the time

Ally Financial

Challenge: Position Ally as the brand that people love to use and recommend. Use the tagline is “do it right.


Insight: Not only does Ally preach "do it right," but they also practice it beyond banking. They make the extra effort. They care. They prioritize following through and making the world a better place. Ally takes the time to do it right.


Solution: Build on Ally's momentum of doing it right by rewarding those who are taking the time out of their day to do it right – volunteers, environmentalists, non-profits, everyday good Samaritans. We will disrupt a world that’s constantly on the move and take the time to appreciate those who are doing it right.

A larger than life installation of a spinning clock with tasks in each slice. If participants take the time  to complete a task, Ally will surprise them with $100. 

Nominate someone in the community who consistently gives back. Winners will be treated to an all expense paid trip to a time zone of their preference. Ally wants them to take the time to unwind, so they can keep doing it right.

Left: Employees will hand out gift cards to say “thank you for doing it right” and share a message about the campaign.

Right: For the members, a published list of nonprofits Ally believes are doing it right. Ally will match all donations. For consideration, offer new sign-ups $50 in donation credit for a nonprofit of their choosing.

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