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new lum

The Brand: Here to shed light on practices, programs, products that can wake us up, bring us together and help us care for causes.

My Task: Help build the art direction for the in-house brand and clients through the lens of a modern luminary.

Campaign Development:

Created an individual style and branding for each campaign including mood boards, intro animations, typography, logo design.

Habitual to Ritual - Morning & Evening


After presenting four options to my creative director,

she pushed me to experiment in my design. More abstract.

Less recognizable. Break it down. then reconstruct it.

Kitchen Witch - Nutrition & Beauty


Shop Product Animation:

We wanted to create a world for the product to shine. This animated surreal landscape was the perfect way to give the audience a peak into New Lum.


In the launch of New Lum's TikTok, we saw a niche audience in #WitchTok and recognized their love for poetry and manifestations.

Bon Vivant:

“French hipster luxury decadent but fun not stuffy or elite feeling" - was the direction from this supper club client. With that, I collected visual assets for them, built their type format including original script, and created a color story (I call this palette, play with your food).

See the branding come to life here - Bon Vivant Social Website


Blog Post:

Creating a Satisfying Sensory Work from Home Space - click to read


Over the past few months, most of us have become accustomed to working from home. Some choose the couch as their workspace. Some choose the dining room. Some choose their bedroom. As a creative, I’ve found that I work best in a space that energizes me to be productive and keeps me inspired. Implementing all five senses into my workspace has helped me create my perfect work from the home set-up. 

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