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how to stay warrior strong

Wayne State University Campus Health Center

Problem: Students are not aware of the campus health center and the services provided.

Insight: The University recently went through a new branding. It resulted in a new campaign, logo, and slogan. The infamously mocked “Aim Higher” transformed into an empowering “Warrior Strong” campaign that showcases our diverse student body, extracurriculars, and academia. Students loved the change.


Solution: With the Campus Health Center’s brand-new facility and location, the timing for our campaign is perfect. We played off the positive response of the “Warrior Strong” campaign to teach students that the key to staying warrior strong is always the Campus Health Center.

Fun, approachable illustrations and copy to resonate with students and their college lifestyle as well as normalize their health concerns. 

The campus activities - free branded resources, (condoms, band-aids, and survival kit) to show students that the health center cares even if they don't visit. // Outdoor flu shot event handing out survival kits and educating about services. // Promotional checklist that emphasizes that the Campus Health Center is needed to stay Warrior Strong.

Plaster the campaign all over campus - in the buildings, outside the parking structures, outside the local coffee-study spot, and online.

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