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discover without direction

Barnes & Noble

Challenge: How do we convince people it's still worth it to go to an IRL bookstore?

Insight: Casual book enthusiasts are motivated to leave their house in pursuit of a unique environment and experience rather than a product.

Solution: Empower readers to slow down to discover the unexpected.

OOH purposefully placed in locations that encourage movement and wandering.

Little Free Library x Barnes & Noble: 


We will partner with Little Free Library to stock and place book boxes in locations that encourage wandering with body and mind.

Owned Instagram Campaign:


#BookNookatBN campaign will encourage readers to follow B&N's guide to finding the perfect set up and snap a picture to be featured on Instagram stories.


TikTok Challenge:

#DiscoverDrama is a TikTok challenge made to inspire readers to spontaneously pick up random books from the shelves and dramatize the scene by reading it aloud. Because there is a negative sentiment towards brands on TikTok, our challenge focuses on boosting the whole bookstore category rather than just Barnes & Noble.

Paid Instagram Stories


In-App Rewards:

Barnes & Noble's mobile app has a low rating of 1.2 stars out of 5.


To increase use, visitors will be notified of a 20% off in-store coupon when they arrive. An hour later, they will be gifted with a free cookie

from the cafe.

6-Second Pre-Roll

The Meandering Maze - NYC

Experiential: Meandering Maze

Labyrinths built out of larger-than-life bookshelves in cities across the country.

Each maze will be based on literary genres, and at the end of the maze a famous author from said genre will be waiting to surprise participants.

@ NYC Horror Maze, Stephen King will be at the end of the maze inspired by his books.

maze map

Copywriter: Alexa Padron

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